When celebrating a loved one, it doesn’t seem right to give them a farewell that isn’t personalised to them. Contact our compassionate funeral director and owner Chris Timmins today for a highly personalised service that suits the unique spirit of your loved one.

When celebrating a loved one, it doesn’t seem right to give them a farewell that isn’t personalised to them. Chris Timmins, our funeral director, and owner can assist you in crafting an individualised funeral ceremony in an intimate setting that uplifts and heals the living while reflecting the deceased’s spirit in empathy and respect.

In the story of your loved one’s life, each chapter is a testament to their one-of-a-kind journey. With Chris Timmins Funerals, we are dedicated to crafting personalised tributes that capture the very essence of who they were through carefully curated photos and videos which are presented during the funeral ceremony.

At Chris Timmins Funerals, we are reshaping the funeral experience for the better. Embracing contemporary trends to align with modern Sydney society is a distinct advantage of our funeral director, Chris Timmins. If you wish to organise a commemoration that not just pays tribute to your loved one’s passing but rejuvenates all who gather in their memory, Chris stands ready to lend his expertise in the creation of an appropriate funeral ceremony. Speak to Chris today.

Saying goodbye with style and authenticity doesn’t have to be expensive. At Timmins Funerals, we understand the art of crafting a heartfelt farewell that brings closure and a celebratory essence, easing your grief and loss. Our dedicated funeral director and owner – Chris Timmins is available anytime to assist you and your family arrange a ceremony with personal touches that make a difference. Speak to Chris today.


Since the 1950’s we've been honoured and privileged to share in the most difficult time for more than 20,000 families, and to ease their loss in some small way. Read what they say about Timmins Funerals:

Our Complete Funeral Selections Include

  • Making Arrangements
  • Embalming
  • Funeral and Mourning
  • Service Planning
  • Overseas Repatriation
  • Funeral Stationary
  • Personal Touches
  • Music Selection
  • After Funeral Catering
  • Coffins and Caskets
  • Viewing
  • Funeral Venue Options
  • Cremation and Burials
  • Funeral Flowers
  • Pre-Paid Funeral Plans

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