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At Chris Timmins your personal arranger will give you all the options in relation to planning and conducted the funeral service that you want for your loved one or family member. In no way do we have any preconceived views, “ever funeral is personal, every funeral is personally arranged”.  It is extremely rare that specific requests can’t be meet. So please whatever you want of the funeral service please let your personal arranger know.

Burial or Cremation

The decision of burial verses cremation is usually one of the few areas were peoples wishes are well known to their family members. As in all aspects of the funeral arrangements it is personal choice that dictates the final disposition of a deceased. Certain religions still do not allow cremation however in recent years many have relaxed their views towards cremation. In brief the following apply:


The first thing to realise about burial is that there is still ample land available for burial purposes in the Sydney Metropolitan area. Currently graves in New South Wales have security of use by its owners. That means graves are not reused.


A person’s preference for cremation is usually well known by their family. Today at least 50% of all funeral services in New South Wales are cremations. Service can be held in either the crematorium chapel which are all well equipped and modern or at a church and then followed by cremation. At Chris Timmins we can advise on all available crematoria, facilities available and various.

In addition to the standard documentation for a burial additional doctors certificated or Coroners Permits are required for cremation. We will attend to theses as part of our funeral planning process.

While cremation is generally considered to be a cheaper option as opposed to burial, the final cost may be much closer when memorialisation at a crematorium is added. This needs to be investigated prior to a final decision being made.

Special options

Today there are also a range of special ways to conduct the “final disposition” these include burials at sea, burials on private property or farm, above ground burials and ash scattering to name a few. Please contact us directly to discuss any special requirements as we have had considerable experience in many of these types of services.

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Life Celebration Funeral or Religious Funeral

At Chris Timmins personal choice is important. This website has detailed discussion about funeral choices. A Life Celebration Funeral or Religious Funeral can be designed in every detail. At the arrangement conference the arranger will explain the various types of funerals that are available. The choice is yours and every detail will be “personally” designed.

Life Celebration Funerals: Every life is individual and unique. The ways that we celebrate that life are the same. In a life celebration funeral you can plan every aspect of the funeral down to the last detail. These funerals are officiated by one of our approved funeral celebrants. Our celebrants are only approved after though review and all must have at least 3 years experience.

The life celebration funeral may or may not contain religious aspects. This is your decision and to be discussed with your funeral arranger and celebrant. The service does in fact focus on your family member or loved ones life, celebrating the journey that is a life. The funeral is individually planned and very personal. Today 50 percent of our services are life celebrations.

Christian Funerals: Are officiated by an ordained Pastor, Minister or Priest of a Christian religion. Many families will have associations with a particular church. In this case the funeral will either be at the church, crematorium or graveside. If you would however like a religious funeral but don’t have particular affiliations we can arrange clergy of various faiths to conducted the service for your family member or loved one. Please bearer in mind that all Christian funerals with have their one funeral rites and practices. The opportunity for person aspects are avaible but may not be as wide as a life celebration service.

Christian Funerals: Are officiated by an ordained Pastor, Minister or Priest of a Christian religion. Many families will have associations with a particular church. In this case the funeral will either be at the church, crematorium or graveside. If you would however like a religious funeral but don’t have particular affiliations we can arrange clergy of various faiths to conducted the service for your family member or loved one. Please bearer in mind that all Christian funerals with have their one funeral rites and practices. The opportunity for person aspects are avaible but may not be as wide as a life celebration service.

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Chris Timmins CarsTraditionally the immediate family and friends would be driven to the funeral by funeral director mourning cars. On the day of the funeral you may not feel like dealing with traffic and parking as well as the strain of the day. We can provide you with sedans or limousines for transportation needs; alternatively you may prefer to take your own car. We do recommend that some else drive on the day of the service.


Music is one of those special things that can instantly take us to another place or time in our life evoking memories of you family member or loved one. The choice of music is very important to the funeral.  In Life Celebration services the choice is as wide as possible; Mozart to Elvis and everything in between can be used. In Religious services some restrictions may exist depending on clergy. Your personal arranger will discuss the options available.

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The Eulogy

One of the most personal and honoured things a someone can be asked to do to deliver a eulogy at a funeral. Eulogy’s can be delivered by a family member, close friend or business associate or anyone close to the deceased. There are many different websites that offer advice on how to deliver a eulogy. Some are listed below. However here are just a few tips based upon our years of experience.

  • Limit eulogy to 5 to 7 minutes. Any longer and mourners may lose attention
  • In order to cover the many facets of someone’s life it may be necessary to have more than one eulogy. In this case we recommend a maximum of 3. It is most important that each of those delivering the eulogy talk well before the service to ensure that they are not repeating themselves
  • Presenting the eulogy can be very emotional, it is recommended that the eulogy be typed and double spaced, that way some else can finish delivery of the eulogy should emotion overcome
  • Avoid the temptation of allowing anyone who is attending the service to come up and say “a few words” while sometimes this can add to the service; our experience is that most of the time it detracts from the service totally. A eulogy should be prepared, reviewed, considered  and rehearsed, and should be far more than a long list of “old war stories”
  • The eulogy if possible should contain some humour

The eulogy is a very important part of the funeral service. Please discuss with your arranger at the conference.

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Press notices

If the funeral is to be a public service then the announcement of the service details may be placed in national, metropolitan or local paper. Chris Timmins also places services on our website, unless the funeral is private of course. However today many families no longer use traditional media to announce funeral details preferring email, text, word of mouth or even Facebook or Twitter. 

The announcement of funeral details is personal. One consideration is that once the funeral is announced it is difficult to control who attends the service.

Order of Service

Many families will chose to do and order of service. This may be a simple one page item or contain the full service itself. The choice is yours. If you would like we can contract an approved printer specialist in funeral service to produce the booklet or you may chose to produce it yourself. The order of service is a personal momento of the service to be record the service event.

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Personal Touches

Personal TouchA funeral service is personal. Each and every funeral must be planed and tailor to the individual families needs. We offer a wide range of personal suggestions that may suit you or your family to commemorate the life of your family member or loved one. These are only suggestion and given as a guide, the choice is yours. Here are a few:

  • A photograph may be place on the coffin or entrance to the chapel. A large photo may also be produced by our new technology. This may be placed on an easel
  • A collage of photographs may be placed at the entrance of the chapel
  • Candles may be light as part of the ceremony
  • Flowers may be placed on the casket as part of the service
  • A selection of music may be used to bring back memories during the service
  • A DVD presentation of the deceased life
  • Balloon releases
  • A bag piper or jazz band
  • A memories box can be used for mourners personal thoughts
  • Dove releases
  • Almost anything that you can think of is available to help celebrate a life

These are just a few suggestions. In “Life Celebration Funerals” the service can be completely designed to your individual requirements to commemorate to life of your family member. In religious service advice should be sort from officiating clergy as to their requirements.

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Rather that send flowers families may request that donations be made in the deceased honour to a particular charity or cause. If this is the case then this should be placed in the funeral announcement, order of service or mentioned during the service. We can assist you by handing out donation envelopes at the entrance to the chapel and provide a donation box for collections. Please discuss this with your personal funeral arranger. 

DVD presentations

Modern technology can add a very personal touch to the funeral service. A picture says a thousand words; add music and a memorable experience exists. Most crematoria have the facility to play a DVD or slide presentation during the service. This may be produced by the family or if required we can recommend and approved contractor to produce the presentation. The presentation is usually the length of a musical trace with accompanying slides.

If you are producing the presentation yourself it is absolutely vital that you test the presentation the day before the service. Please discuss this with your arranger.

It is also important to note that in “Life Celebration Funeral” the slide presentation is welcome, however some religious service may not approve.Please check with your clergy in relation to this matter.

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The Committal and Closure

Committal and ClosureOne of the most difficult aspects of funerals is the fact that your loved one, family member or friend has gone and that you will not see them again. “Closure” is the term used to describe the separation and farewell. “Committal” is the word used to describe the physical separation from the one you are leaving behind.

The committal can take many forms, lowering of the casket into the grave, closing of a curtain or the casket being wheeled away to name a few. The committal that you wish to use must be individual and person to you. Please discuss this very important aspect of the funeral during the arrangement conference.

Please note that while we are not grief counsellors we know that closure is a very important part of the grief process and we encourage consideration before a final decision is reached.


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